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We are the Pioneers in Comprehensive Security Solutions

In an age where security breaches and digital vulnerabilities are an ever-present threat, having a trusted partner to fortify your defenses is paramount. At MIBS, we pride ourselves on being the vanguard of security, offering a suite of services that encompass cyber, digital forensic, and physical security solutions.

MIBS is the among the best Global IT Solution & Services Provider in the UAE.

MIBS UAE stands as an integral member of the esteemed Mascon Group, a business conglomerate with a legacy spanning four decades. We have positioned ourselves as one of the leading providers in the realm of cutting-edge security technologies and services, delivering adaptable solutions tailored to businesses across the spectrum. Accredited with ISO 9001:2015 and CMMI certifications, we epitomize the embodiment of a contemporary security company.

Our journey originated with a visionary cadre of entrepreneurs and engineers who etched their nascent ideas onto paper. Through unwavering dedication, these ideas transformed into the bedrock of MIBS UAE. Our ethos revolves around perpetual innovation, enabling us to cultivate a unique brand of forward-thinking solution offerings. Today, our portfolio boasts ingenious and intelligent services that strive to weave a fabric of security and sustainability for the times ahead.

At the heart of our philosophy lies the conviction that the convergence of technological prowess and agility is the compass, guiding organizations toward prosperity. With acumen, expertise, OEM alliances, and ample resources, we craft holistic security solutions that transcend the boundaries of client business size. The core of our identity lies in the consistency of our immutable commitment.

One of the cornerstones of our approach is our relentless pursuit of client feedback. This practice serves a dual purpose: not only does it fuel our learning and evolution, but it also serves as the crucible in which we forge client aspirations into reality. We understand that true impact is born from understanding and fulfilling the unique needs of our clients, propelling us toward a shared future of fortified success.

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Our Mission

Empower clients with seamless security integration, uniting cutting-edge technology, expert knowledge, and dedicated service. We pioneer adaptive solutions, fortifying businesses against evolving cyber threats. Trust us as your vigilant partner in securing a resilient and connected future.

Our Vison

Fostering a digital landscape fortified against threats, where trust and innovation thrive. We envision a world where businesses operate securely, empowered by cutting-edge solutions. Together, we shape a future of cyber resilience and technological advancement.

Meet the team

Our Core Team

Prajit Varma

Ganesan Lakshmanan

Vice President

Ganesan Lakshmanan
Vice President
Head of Cyber Division for MEA region
Mike Hardson
IT Expert
Customers Feedbacks

What They’re Talking About Company

We've been working with MIBS UAE team for over two years now, and their services have been instrumental in safeguarding our critical data. Their proactive approach to security sets them apart.

Sarah Williams IT Director

The team at MIBS has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry's unique security challenges. Their solutions are robust, and their incident response time is exceptional.

Mark Johnson Chief Information Officer

The peace of mind we've gained from partnering with MIBS is immeasurable. Their tailored solutions not only protect our sensitive financial data but also ensure regulatory compliance. They truly go above and beyond.

David Brown Chief Financial Officer
Elevate Your Cyber Defense IQ

Shielding your digital world from threats. Our cybersecurity solutions are tailored to defend your business with unwavering precision and expertise.

IFZA Property FZCO, Dubai Silicon Oasis, DDP, Building A2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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